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Watching Things

Today I watched two “crows” chase away a “hawk” from the trees. Quite noisy and determined of them. Not sure if they were jackdaws or hooded crows or if it was a hawk or kestrel they were seeing off. It all happened way above my head and in less than 30 seconds.

The bluebells and pear blossom are just coming out it is a very hopeful time of year.

I also watched a bat flittering around in daylight at about 6:30 pm for 10 or so minutes. It was between the poly tunnel and the trees on the eastern boundary quite a sight. The swallows have been passing through for about a week now too summer is on its way!

I also watched Jamie Oliver in Andalucia/Andalusia I’m not so sure that the Moors had much to do with the origins of chorizo as they were mostly Muslim and on their way out of Spain when chillies were on their way across the Atlantic from the just found Americas. Tomatoes were still in the Americas when the Romans brought their bread and vegetable soup to Spain too come to think of it. Still I really liked the sight and imagined smells of his “Killer Pork Chops” and if those hunters ever run short of rabbits we’ve quite a few here on the east Cork / west Waterford boarder.

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