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Summer is on it's way!

Some photos from around and about.

Taking got dogs for a walk on a wet day!

A nest that blew down, love the strand of blue plastic.

The Boarder 


Scented stocks

Wet Day!

Early Mushrooms

Variegated Sycamore Seedling


Chocolate Mousse Cake

I can’t remember where the recipe for this cake came from, but I did find it in a magazine recently. It is very rich, almost a custard!
The lettering is cut from pale green florist paste and milk chocolate modelling paste. I used royal icing for the knives & forks. 

Cake is always good especially when we have something to celebrate and the launch tomdoorley.com is!

150g (70% cocoa solids) dark chocolate broken up
150g butter cut in cubes 
75g soft brown sugar
75g golden caster sugar
2tbs double cream
1tsp vanilla extract
3 large eggs
cocoa powder

Heat the oven to 160˚C, GM 2.5. Butter and line a 20 cm square tin with baking parchment.
Put the chocolate, butter, sugars, cream and vanilla into a bowl and melt them all together with the bowl standing in a frying pan of hot water.
When melted take the bowl out of the water and add the eggs one at a time, whisking each one in with a ballon whisk, until smooth.
Pour the mixture into the prepared cake tin. Place the cake tin onto a baking sheet and place in the oven. Bake for 45-50 minutes, until almost set in the middle. Leave to cool in the tin.
When cold turn out and dust the top with cocoa powder.

Serve with whipped cream and strawberries.