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There are lots of white blackthorn blossoms out at the moment in the hedges. I must make a note of the easily reached ones so I can collect some sloes for sloe gin this autumn.

Our greengage and damsons have a few blossoms too. Neither of these three trees have ever had much blossom and therefore no fruit.

The pears and apples are beginning to blossom too. One apple has the most wonderful scent, quite delicate, but rose like. I hope the apples are better this year than last.

I have been reclaming the red currant bushes since the hedge cutter gave them an impromptu “pruning” while doing the laurel hedge. As they were quite over grown it has been great to get in at the brambles some of which have the most massive gnarly roots. Very satisfying to get these out. I don’t think we’ll get any fruit from them this year. Not that we get much from them anyway, as the birds tend to get there first.

The black currants are in flower and as they got a proper pruning we should do well from them this year.

The strawberries are in flower in the poly tunnel and outside I wonder which will give us the first ripe fruit?

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