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Friends Day At lismore Castle

Each year Lismore castle in Waterford holds an open day for the members of the friends scheme.
 We get a tour of the Gallery and Gardens and lunch.
It was a bit on the dull and drizzly side the Saturday before last, but it was lovely to see the gardens and to hear of the new plans for them from the head gardener Darren Topps.
The Magnolias were just wonderful!
Here are some photos of the day.

A wild primrose growing from the wall on the way into the castle.

This is to be part of the 'cutting garden' for flower arrangements for the castle.

I wonder how old this apple tree is? The gardens have been cultivated since the 17th century.

Pink Magnolia!


I love the colour of this Rhododendron.

More Magnolias.
The gardens and gallery open again on the 18th of April until the 12th October  and are well worth a visit if you are in the area.

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