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"Helpful Hints for Christmas Food"

I am going to post a series of thoughts and photos over the next while under this title. I am starting the post with these notes which formed the basis of a cookery demonstration I did for my parish last Monday. 

Christmas cookery notes
         Start clearing the freezer this week!

This will give you an opportunity to see what fruit you have in there and turn it into jam or chutney to give away as presents.

When it comes to the "Christmas Dinner" plan your cooking schedule and delegate!

Work back from the time you plan to sit down to dinner and plan what has to be done from the time the roast goes into the oven onwards. Write a timetable and stick it on the fridge. If you can keep a copy with you!

In some families it is usual to descend on one household for Christmas dinner, if that is your house do not be afraid to DELEGATE. Spend a little time working out what your guests are good at and ask them well in advance to do something small that will help you enormously and if they are forgetful a quick text a day or two before reminding them how much you are looking forward to their contribution will nudge their memory!

It could be to bring a bag of logs because they have access to them or a dessert because they make the best one you've tasted. Flattery will get you places!

         If you have children in the house who are use to eating at a particular time and you'll be eating later feed them something small, but sustaining at their usual meal time so that hunger does not fray their tempers & yours!

Do not attempt to have *deep breath* prawn cocktail/smoked salmon, soup, turkey, ham, spiced beef, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, red cabbage, cranberry sauce, gravy, Christmas pudding, Brandy butter, trifle, mince pies, tea/coffee and Christmas cake! all at the one meal!

         Choose the elements that you and your family will enjoy! If you want to have all the trimmings have them as elements of the different main meals over the festive period.

Nothing bad will happen if you don't have Brussels sprouts on Christmas day!

Consider portion size, less is definitely more on Christmas day.


         The day after boxing/Stephan's day strip the turkey carcass and make stock. Freeze the meat in manageable amounts and label them. Do the same with the ham and spiced beef. Freeze the stock, I use ice cream tubs. Don't forget to label them.

Most of all try to remember to enjoy yourself! Happy Christmas :) 

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  1. I thought Santa would come and take all the presents back, if you didn't eat your sprouts.