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Mushrooms and other Fungi

         It has been a good year for mushrooms. I even made a batch of mushroom ketchup from field mushrooms growing in our fields. Some of the ones in the basket below went into it. This salty and spicy liquid is a flavour enhancer when added to soups and stews. We made it in a large glazed crock at home.

Field Mushrooms.

         It has also been a good year for non edible fungi too I found this candlewick fungus growing in the yard.

Candlewick fungus.

         The best bit has been eating all the tasty ones we can eat, but as always do not eat anything from the wild unless you are 110% sure you know that it is safe to eat.

 In the pan!

        I also took a chance and sowed some Padron pepper seeds from one if the riper peppers and they came up. Hopefully that will put us a head for next year.

Padron pepper seedlings.

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