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Who can resist a pancake?

   Today was Shove Tuesday and I cooked pancakes in Brennan's shop in Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork. The traditional filling of butter lemon & sugar went down best. Nutella filled pancakes were also very popular.

   To my surprise the buttermilk 'pancakes' came a close second. These are a thicker batter, cooked more like a drop scone or pikelet. I like them best with crisp streaky rashers and some medlar jelly or maple syrup. Stewed berries go well with them too.  
   Here is the buttermilk pancake recipe.

Buttermilk pancakes
300g self raising flour
50g sugar
½ tsp salt
2 eggs
300ml buttermilk
50g butter melted
butter for frying

   Sift the flour into a mixing bowl and add the sugar and salt.
 Break the eggs into the flour and start to whisk gently drawing more and more flour in until thick. Whisk in the buttermilk to make a thick batter. You might not need it all or you may need some extra, depending on how thick the buttermilk is.
  Heat a frying pan on a medium heat and melt the 50g of butter and whisk the melted butter into the batter.
Make the pancakes by spooning 3tbs of batter onto the frying pan together to make a thick pancake about 8cm in diameter. Cook till dry on top and then flip over and cook until golden on the other side.

  Add some more butter and continue to make the pancakes.
If your frying pan is big enough you can do 2-3 at a time, putting the earlier ones in a warm oven and covering them, until the rest are cooked.
  Serve with crisp bacon and maple syrup or stewed berries.

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