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Being Busy

    The last week has been very busy. I've started a new part time job in February, so now as well as being a wife, Mum, recipe compiler and cookery teacher/demonstrator, I am now an assistant in a kitchenware shop. All these things do not mean I am in anyway less aware as to what is going on around me. Just that I have less time to comment on them.
     Sadly on Wednesday last we attended the funeral of a very dear friend who died suddenly on the previous weekend. A teacher for 40 years, producer of school plays & musicals, a leader of charity fund raising events and form master, he touched so many lives and so many returned that by turning up to pay their respects at his untimely demise. He was given the very best sendoff anyone could have ever had.
    The service was long like so many of his plays & musicals, but there was a role for everyone and it passed in a timeless manner. At one point I checked the time and found I was 30 minutes behind. An hour had passed and yet it was as nothing. Farewell to Gerry we will all miss you.

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