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Flower Show

             I’ve always been fascinated by gardening programmes. From dear old Percy Thrower to Charlie Dimmock & Alan Titchmarsh to Monty Don.
They make it sound so easy and achievable, but as anyone who gardens knows it is not!

           For any one with a passing interest in gardens the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London is an event not to be missed. This year I was lucky enough to go.

A pretty cranes-bill! 

Sorry I didn't take notes as to what each flower was, there were just too many!

The offering by Mr D Gavin with the Korean DMZ forbidden garden in front.
                There were several glass flower sculptures and these emphasised the blue of the sky!

Sky Blue!

I just loved these crazy green chrysanthemums!

Gardening is a battle: gardener against nature. Plants want to grow and set seed and they don’t always do it in the manner that gardeners want them to. It’s a control thing and constant vigilance is necessary. 

These brass cardoons were on the Edulis nursery stand.

Yes it was amazing and crowded and hot, but the Pimms was cool & refreshing and a kind artist gave me some sun block. Picking quieter paths through the crowd gave me an opportunity to take a few photographs of some things that took my fancy.


More Orchids!

Even more Orchids!

         There were lots of orchids!

These Orla Kiely hand tools were the prettiest I saw ;)

And the kind artist? James Gillick you can have a look at his website here www.gillick-artist.com


Feeling Unwell!

This is a short post on feeling unwell.
Apple blossom!

           If you are well don't bother reading it.
But I have added 2 photos to make it slightly more interesting. 

Our first strawberry starting to ripen!

         I've got a virus! I've a bit of a headache, I'm sore in my legs, back and shoulders. I'm not hungry and I've spent the day resting in bed with my laptop. I've slept and drunk tea and eaten a little. I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow as I have to go to work.
It is nice having a day off, but it's better when you're well. I don't believe in working through an illness if you don't have to. So I'll take it easy and just do the bare minimum tomorrow.